To provide high-quality, timely and efficient services as the basic purpose and commitment to customers. We not only design and provide advanced and reliable intelligent material management series products, but also actively build a professional team with excellent technology and establish a perfect service system to provide users with professional and satisfactory services.



Our technical services include:


Visit the customer site, make a detailed assessment of the customer's workshop materials, and provide economical and reliable hardware solutions.
Professional analysis of customer's application needs, so that customers can clearly understand the use process and effect.
Provide complete online technical support, so that the device can be delivered and used as soon as possible after entering the user site.
Provide on-site installation and commissioning services, the on-site installation and commissioning processes have standard operating specifications.
Provide on-site training services for customers, and provide free training in Shanghai Technology Center.
Provide users with remote technical support such as telephone and Internet to answer customers' questions during use.
There is a sufficient spare parts library to provide users with timely spare parts supply services.
There is a regular return visit system, which cares about the daily use status of users' on-site equipment.
A CRM professional customer care management system is provided to provide users with the latest intelligent material management knowledge and activity information at any time.
There is a transformation workshop to provide users with preferential technical upgrade and transformation services for life.



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