Special drug management system


The special drug management machine is mainly used for the storage and distribution management of drugs in medical institutions; it is a new generation of access management system, which is a high-tech product integrating access and management. All its functions are completed under computer management, thus ensuring the safety and convenience of drug management. It is a real multi-functional access service system with novel appearance design and small floor area.
It can store 100-80 syringes in a single layer, and can be stored in a single storage box, and can be divided into 10 storage boxes. After receiving the prescription information, the system automatically identifies the location of the drug, the medicine box rotates to the drug outlet, the small door opens automatically and sends out the position prompt, and automatically returns to the position after taking the medicine; the prescription processing speed is 5-10 seconds / time. The system can be used in parallel according to the needs, prescription information and drug information are directly displayed on the touch screen; the system implements authority operation, and can set card reading identification, fingerprint identification, password identification, etc.
The special drug management machine can realize the following functions:
1. Automatically receive his prescription information and dispense medicine automatically
2. Drug inquiry, drug automatic inventory, drug dispensing
3. Authority control, card reading identification, fingerprint identification, password identification.
4. Real time inventory query, shift record query, real-time inventory function
5. Sealed, dark storage
6. Realize the individual control requirements of the kit





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