Smart Key&Certificate Management System

1. Rotary key cabinet design: Compared to traditional key cabinets, it can increase storage space, and by quickly searching for the required keys, the cabinet occupies a small area, which can increase the number of key cabinets stored in the vehicle warehouse.
2. Automatic inventory: Automatically inventory all keys inside the cabinet, taking about 5 minutes.
3. Automatic Recording Ledger: Each access operation is automatically recorded in an electronic ledger, and data can be quickly retrieved based on this record in the later stage, reducing the recording time of the ledger by 2 hours per day.
4. Automatic key selection: The cabinet automatically selects the corresponding key based on instructions, and the operator does not need to search, ensuring accuracy and reducing the search time by 3 seconds per key.
5. Automatic label printing: Take out each shipping key, and the cabinet will automatically print matching shipping labels, saving manual matching time and shortening label matching time by 3 seconds per piece.
6. Integrate batch instructions: After automatic tag matching, the key retrieval operation can integrate multiple instructions to complete simultaneously, reducing repetitive walking and shortening walking time by 5 seconds per instruction.
7. Hand monitoring: Restoring key access scenarios.
8. Facial monitoring: Record the actual operator to prevent others from storing or retrieving on their behalf.
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Full video:



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